Your Home Inspection Service will include: 

Experienced Inspectors - Our staff has performed thousands of inspections throughout the region. 

The Most Current Technology - With the latest equipment available, our team is prepared to fully evaluate and assess all aspects of your property quickly and accurately.

Digital Photographs - A picture is worth a thousand words, and our digital photos can be worth thousands of dollars when you are negotiating for your dream purchase. 

Comprehensive Reports - Our computerized reports are provided to you in a standardized electronic format and can be mailed to you if desired.  With Apex Inspections, your report is provided to you within 24 hours, see if our competition guarantees that!  In addition to the digital photos we mentioned above, you receive a comprehensive report detailing all aspects of the properties major systems, components, appliances, and life expectancies. 

Cost Projections and Summary - Along with an easy to understand summary of our findings, we provide cost projections for any issue uncovered by our inspection process.  These estimates can provide you valuable leverage during negotiations.